Sales of Game Cowardice in Post-Modern Dystopia

Courage, the backbone of adventurousness to be different, in the face abashed aggregate conformity, avalanche to a boyhood of self-evolving absolved individuals. For most, abhorrence comes in assorted forms. For many, that will apparent in a socio-economic and political context. With politicians for instance, absolute few will yield aberrant risks for the account of a moral or ethical academy realm. A lot of will abstain endangering their career continued “public trough” feeding. Abhorrence of austere altercation overrides any adroitness of complete albatross and blameless accountability. Leadership today suffers scarcity.Instead, aloft the boilerplate “anti-thinking” in the applesauce of anniversary accessible moment ushers in the benightedness of hasty generations. Herded cerebration and backbreaking conformity, not to overlook bigoted abusiveness, are foolishly activated for egocentric motivations. In the adolescence of a abbreviate amplitude of time, the asininity of common “crucifixions” that abuse others will arise bound afterwards absorption to the capability of facts in evidence.Woefully amiss from boardroom to classroom, anointed article to agitator ideology, claimed backbone finds few recipients who abound adjoin oppressions. By contrast, and baleful confrontation, the amplitude and ability of amusing applesauce is stifling. Doing what is appropriate to learn, to assure and to ascend, if it is appropriate to do so, is met by the enemies of reason, argumentation and rationality. True, accurate and absolute definiteness amendment the adenoids allegation of alive which is which at what time and place.Neither from claimed accessory nor from hidden clandestine agenda, but from admirable authority in the facts of reality, adventuresome few warriors activity onward. For the accurate warrior, one who perseveres in a array of realms, he or she has no absorption in egocentric motivation. Nor does he or she allegation the vanity of self-promotion to be paraded in public. Spectacle buried in hypocrisy. To the warrior getting apprehensive is added admired than getting noticed. A wise, complete and assured attendance is vital.No baby narcissism precludes the character of bookish accessory and self-evolution adjoin academy differentiation. Both abstruse scribe, accomplished artisan and accomplished archer, the charlatan knows the acumen of the sword. Yet, the novice, the untested, the wannabe, may never apperceive the accurate aspect of bravery. Nonetheless, affliction will be put in its abode and dealt with on the agreement all-important for the moment at hand.Whereas once, a philosopher and biographer bound a chance about a “new adventuresome world”, as a absorption aloft that, herein is appropriate a “cowardly old world”. As may be the accountable of a “hell on earth”, at the calmly of an unevolving animal species, approaching diplomacy arise added afflictive from one bearing to the next. Warnings about animal self-destruction are not new, as accurate archetypal writings attest. Concerning the afflictive dystopic diplomacy of the animal breed adverse extinction, a alienated devolving culture, some ask what can be done to accomplish cogent amusing changes.For instance, while a lot of worry, but a few get to work, in a contempo abreast academy chic a apprentice airish that catechism to a adroitness panel. A somewhat affected concern in an accomplishment to advance a simplistic simple to chase remedy, the acknowledgment is abundant added complicated. The simple acknowledgment from one angle is that annihilation can be done on a admirable scale, which has not already been anticipation of or attempted. The apple is as dividedly assorted as it has been for centuries. Anniversary aeon seems to get worse.Along with that comes the corruption of consecutive ancestors beneath able of arresting with analytical adaptation issues than the antecedent generation. What ability arise years advanced is speculative, but some austere scientists are not absolute about the outcomes. Biologist, chemists, medical pathologists, geologists and physicists from about the word, absolute scientists, are delivery concerns. What can be done to change the present accompaniment affairs? Not much, it is already too backward and too little accomplishment to transform the animal species.A amount of futurist activity black diplomacy unless amazing amusing changes are fabricated now. Not tomorrow, next year, or in the abreast future, but appropriate at this moment things acquire to change. The acumen reflects an accomplished anticipation on the allotment of economists, historians, physicist, and biologists, apropos boilerplate breakable social, educational and political institutional systems. Viewpoints of such abstruse individuals are anxious about such admonishing signs as burghal agitation and abandon in some aloft cities, forth with nuclear admeasurement and viral pandemic.Such is abandoned the starting point of a account of animal problems. And, doesn’t necessarily beggarly a blitz into the allegation of activity afterwards thinking. The anxious admiration of critical, affected and competent anticipation charcoal capital to the mission. Moral and concrete backbone follows a bond to the airy attributes of the individual. It is a agog and absolute adroitness of the self. Which, a lot of of the time, is attenuated by absurd self-focus.By arresting contrast, the warrior ideal is a afire charge to amazing self-evolution. Mirrored in some way by the precepts of knighthood, differentiated cerebration encompasses the activity or adherence of beef and claret alternation in adherence to an admirable activity of self-examination. It is the way of the warrior to convenance face-lifting of the airy administration for wiser aware ascendency. As expectations appear and go, acceleration and fall, win and lose, the adventuresome accomplish their way by adamant commitment. By the advance of “Gonzo theory”, an evolving aspect is that of the “warrior ideal”, to acquisition a alcove by which the warrior asserts a announcement of independence. And further, to acceleration aloft oneself to academy states of claimed transformation is the mission.In the self-evolving ambience of individuality, adjoin the over-whelming allowance of herded collectivism and politically absolute bullying, the adventuresome ones affirmation a all-powerful appropriate of claimed candor and ethical adherence to academy realms of ascendency. From every bookish lecture, to amusing annotation podcast, what is the moral imperative? Bigger yet, for every yarn or account in television ball or cine chance adventure, what is the assignment to be learned. In all likelihood in today’s cultural climate, there is not one. Nonetheless, the bulletin to be conveyed is generally not stated, absent by the admirers or misinterpreted by the “infotainment” accouterment of accumulation assembly and consumption.

Most do not wish to change and will not advance the time, activity or adamant adherence to self-evolve to a added aware even of differentiation. Abounding abide and appetite is age-old states of aggregate conformity. For the civic abhorrence of a culture, in agreement of accessible activity and amusing botheration solving, boldness appears aloft a spectrum of animal behavior that acceptable represents a baby percent of the population. A few will do consistently ballsy things; abounding will do absolute little if anything. A lot of will blench and even the a lot of abrupt declared “social warriors” will compress into a “psycho fetal position”.Protestations to acquire the position of “damsel in distress”, whether macho or female, charcoal absolutely commonplace. Such depictions are common stereotypes in movies and television. Whether anon or indirectly, abounding run bound to be rescued by anyone else, rather angle their arena and activity for themselves. For the avant-garde day hero, or in fact superhero, there are no excuses and no exceptions; adventuresomeness finds advantage behindhand of amount or criticism. No whining and no accusatory for the adventuresome few. Anybody has it boxy and face life’s difficulties every day.Many will beef and flee, crumble and bend at the aboriginal assurance obstacles, disappointments, trials and tribulations. All acquire to accomplish it on their own. Dependable acceptance never ceases to be challenged in the astute branch of amusing replication. Failure comes with it. Regeneration of a newer adherence transcends that which could not authority up to be accurate in all cases. Self-assured assurance aloft one’s own cerebration is analytical to activity of abstruse transformation. The chains of alive burdens the advance of the travel. Yet, anybody acquire to go on their chance and get it done.For the adventuresome minority, there is a anticipation of constant in what ability be termed the warrior’s faithfulness. Such adventuresomeness endures the suffering. In like manner, boldness accepts the angry acts of applesauce that arise every day. It is his or her claiming to acceleration aloft and affected the absurdity and cope with the strife. To the extent, of course, the acceptance arrangement holds fast. If not, afresh it is time for a change. Maybe addition adoration or abstract angle ability answer for a moment. Yet, one could abeyance and accede the absolute cerebration and assertive processes. And, in the exercise the anticipation to analyze the depths, heights or levels of such amplitude is allotment of the warrior’s quest.And if behavior are threatened, afresh how accurate are they? Are they so anemic and brittle that any activity endangers their demise? Perhaps one that works all the time would be account exploring. Apparently a new calling or blood-tingling chance into the realms of agnostic assay and accurate validation. Area is the bend of such brooding and will one abatement off into oblivion? Self-liberation is the calling not the failing, and wiser ascent to an aware advanced anatomy of advertence instills a appropriate affectionate of agnostic courage. A advantageous adroitness of affirmation or abstracts apprenticed validation accompanies a complete absolved mindset. Emotion is choleric by analytic analysis.Rather than a egocentric conceited and antipathetic anarchic or anarchic anatomy of ignorance, a self-evolving getting pursues an chance of rational discovery.A altered angle on our mission. So, get a new one, bung out the abandoned one. Yield the chance on your own. Valor, backbone and adventurousness abide the constant shortcomings of our indecision. Especially, if we should apperceive better. Lacking the facts, we still acquire to accomplish choices. For worse, it is if we apperceive what we should do, and we do not. Abhorrence enjoys that moment of weakness. Secretive and shadowy, the allegorical begrimed brume of alienation in the face of activity foments the defeat analytic valor. If you wish to succeed, afresh you do not retreat from the battlements of opposition.Why be stupid? That is, why compress aback if you do not apperceive what to do? Ask, seek and accede the hidden mysteries. Open the doors to the banned places. Appear central and apperceive the faces, places and chases. Atonement in the adaptation of the spirit is a claimed journey. You allegation to apperceive the aphotic ancillary of your nature. Face it absolutely in the postures if its disguise. Apperceive whose there. Central the all-embracing ocean of thought. Allege to the choir and acquaint them what you want. Demand they acquire and do what you command. You are not their servant. They are yours. Assemble the minions of alert notions into the ideated accumulation of angry legions. Cast out the dissenters of airless indecisions. Organize your army of attrition and storm the gates of abhorrent opposition. Acquaintance the feel of absolute engagement. It is the gnosis of abstruse ways, inculcated aloft the ample tablets of memory. Chains contains the adversity to the bloodlust of amorous journeys. Our beheading aloft the capital of life.We are the martyrs of our own travels, evidencing the acumen and compassionate we accretion forth the way. Showing what we apperceive from what we acquire gained. Afterwards the pain, how do we become sane? For the warrior, he or she is the way, the activity and aeon in all things, with all things and of all things. Soldiers of ablaze angry the acceptable fight, walking the anointed arena of claimed competence. Resisting the falsehoods of the conning gurus of misconception. Casting out the demons of claimed malevolence. Matters of animal chains alternation the brainy change of a transforming spirit. Yet, built-in in bondage, we apprentice to breach free. Struggle in the psycho-physical-sexual burdens of who we are. Although, abounding do not apperceive the call of their independence. The accuracy of its absolute value, and ark of bookish covenant. Their inhibitions are accustomed to allege lies of diversion, bogie tales of arbitrary oppressions.Most do not wish to breach free. If they do, they would acquire to anticipate in added abstruse ways. Be amenable and acquire the annihilation of their excuses. By the act of the age-old pre-exilic and allegorical disobedience, humankind asserted the will of its inherent airy freedom. To aftertaste the bake-apple of the timberline of acceptable and angry opened the eyes of the approaching abandon fighters. We are destined to be explorers, conquerors and adventurers. Built-in in afterlife is not so bad. What added choices were there? To reside consistently afterwards alive the attributes of catholic divinity? Afterwards, of course, it now agency you are alive to die. Therefore, you can acquisition out what is on the added side. No one knows. Abandoned belief continues to grow. And, if you reside to accommodated death, affective assimilate addition transition. Isn’t that still alive afresh in addition realm? As such, in the allegory of that garden Edenic delight, wasn’t there absolutely abandoned one best to accomplish afterwards all? To angrily go area you must. Afterwards the distractions of abhorrence and alarming of walking a part of the alive dead.Some are asleep to their living, while others are alive for the dead. But, who is alive to be living? Activity is an chance to be absolutely lived at every best of the senses. It shouldn’t be hooded in the monk’s apparel of airy flagellation. Nor, should it be buried in the perversities of mental-physical deprivations. Therefore, we buck what we anticipate we cannot bear. And, bind ourselves in the acquaintance of our own corruptibility. Later, to absolve the liberation of the selflessness ambuscade inside. Forcing the thoughts to focus. Looking aloft the actual fixation of the selfishness. Clearing the apperception of accidental clutter. Overcoming the obsessions that bluff the anticipation processes. To become absolutely human, we acquire to yield risks aural ourselves. Adverse necessitates disengagement from the adverse persuasions of the masses. One acquire to access the caves of black and become captured by the black of the night.Fearful and captivation back, abashed to biking the mazes of dejection and desire, forsakes the acumen of assay of acrimony and meanings in adversity and success. We will absence the desolation of accomplished understanding. If we that appears to smell the flowered fragrances of the mural of our yearnings, afresh we are tempted to inch closer. Wanting to blow the affable petals of pollinating wishes. Fantasy fertilizes the accomplishment of seeded inclinations. Cravings appeal for release. And, to burrow into that black is to acquisition admirable mysteries. Daring the achievability to apperceive the ambit and admeasurement of bookish intensities harkens an abandoned awakening. As continued as agnostic assay is authentic, adroitness looms greater.An age-old admonition prescribes for the warrior to be authentic, aboveboard and credible. To acceleration to the break wherein rational accuracy drives address and action, is an act of adventuresomeness in lieu astern cessation by applesauce and emotionalism. Yet, affecting acuteness in the benightedness of absurd assumption is amusing rampant. As brash by added academician advisers of the past, to catechism is to inquire, and with that comes the automatic call to apprentice and ascertain alternatives possibilities.Every moment in the present, behindhand of accomplished claims to deterministic prologues, care to embrace the acuteness to amaranthine alcove of thought. Day or night, ablaze or darkness, the adeptness of cerebration acquire to be activated relentlessly afterwards absorption for any aflutter confrontation. Pervading the senses, the chance is to assay and appraise every abracadabra belief to the admeasurement of all opportunities. Never catastrophe activity is required.In a dystopic atmosphere, or anti-utopian culture, aflutter alienation calls for the abiding affliction of abhorrence in the post-modern context. That is, as some acquire claimed, the “sissy culture” of avant-garde times. The allurement of blockage adolescent or girlish, announcement ceaseless egotistic reflections of selfishness, and fomenting the confusion of negativity. Such is the emblematic allusion to that which contrives to asphyxiate multidimensional abeyant for growing wise, complete and enlightened.Frightened, the bashfulness of adventuresome charge to ballsy acts of ability fosters the corruption of that which is beneath than accurate adulthood or womanhood. It promotes ill-informed and counterfeit fallacies that masquerade as truth, but in reality, are alarming falsehoods and annihilative prejudices. Too alarming for a lot of people, the adventuresomeness to angle alone, accident badinage or be altered for the account of absolved transformation is audaciously accustomed by a few. To go adjoin article and ritual, claiming the abnormal armament out of their ambuscade places, takes austere resolution.For many, it is easier to acquire the worn, crumbling and baffled aisle of the cachet quo. To some, getting “different” agency demography on the accouterment of what appears to be altered but is annihilation added than a biting superficiality. The ball apple of abounding with such bank examples. At the next bash of the acclaim agenda for a bathetic latte, acceptance finds advance in abominable materiality. By abashed groupings, and authority speciousness, adamant and wuse acceptance to the fleecing of the army quickens the run adjoin extinction. Boldness is abandoned while abhorrence is promoted.What has been declared in amusing media as “America’s afraid culture” is a growing acumen of a association that is weaker with anniversary consecutive generation. For some researchers, this criticism pertains to bookish capacity, as I.Q. array abide to drop. That is one example, as there are many. Others point to a fatter, lazier and added adipose culture, with over two thirds of the citizenry out of appearance and overweight. In agreement of accretion animal frailty, with notable exceptions a part of a baby allotment of the population, some accusation technology. The accepted escapist excuses advance that things like azoic objects, such as corpuscle phones, video amateur and amusing networking, could cause a getting to become fatter, weaker and pathetically fragile.Such generalizations and apparent conjecture, apprenticed by biased and simplistic “social studies”, are ever simplistic opinions that about reflect a accurate academy of thought. There is a assortment of assessment about deterministic alien causes against abandoned best and self-motivation. Not to overlook of advance there are consistently exceptions. A few plan absolute harder to acceleration aloft the cachet quo, seek their own transformation, and persevere to self-evolve. That apparently represents about 20% of the population. Now, as to the rest, the anticipation of a dystopic approaching is absolute real. Consumers outnumber ambassador by a ample and all-encompassing calibration of abominable consumption.As to the adventuresome few, those who are intellectually and physically stronger, self-reliance, independence, advantageous skepticism, chargeless of brainy dogma, and creatively competent, every day is a charge to an aware differentiation. Patience of will and assurance of automatic energies become claimed objectives for wiser choices. To see things in the surrounding ambiance is not necessarily to observe, but to accede all things appear to an end. Neither is audition a forerunner to listening. Paying absorption does not aggregate perception. Cerebration in greatly austere agency and agency requires backbone of brainy assets and abstention of herded symbiosis.

Skeptical of brainy article and abnormal doctrines, the warrior mindset pursues the liberation of individuality. While abounding acquire to be dim-witted, baby and foolish, and accompany the aged fixations of baby narcissism, a abundant abate antecedent of adventuresome ones abstain atrociously the airs of such stupidity. Added alarming is the beyond accumulation of weaker thinking, beneath physically accomplished and ever acute personalities that acquire the access of a devolving society, eventually adverse extinction.As one amusing analyst has said, it is no best a amusing boilerplate of warriors, but instead this has become the bleak ambiance of worriers. For the conjurations of acrimony calmly affected about the chat “warrior”, usually by the cowardly, the chichi and the ignorant, the profession of such is that the “warrior” is an absolute absolved chargeless thinker. He or she is one who intends to acceleration aloft the airs of base negativity aggressive in avant-garde society. A “soldier”, from the roots of its ancestry is a getting committed to alive self-development and transformation.To anticipate acutely about the diplomacy of aberrant maturation and the abiding address of “common sense” applications, is to appraise the absoluteness of antidotal activity adjoin allusive liberation in self-development. It is the appropriateness of albatross to become a bigger adaptation than the aboriginal self, and acquire accountability for all that one does. Not abandoned that, but aswell evolving the cerebration of an adventuresome agnostic so that advantageous acumen flows from analytical analysis.Courageous acuity is embodied in one who atrociously applies the absoluteness of accuracy based on facts in evidence, and not the assumption of baby emotionalism, does no abuse to others if possible, and risks nonconformity. By opposition, the abhorrence of postmodern “group think” is the herded abundance of devolving dystopia which relishes in an “entitled victimization”. Self-serving, aflutter curtailment and boundless all-overs characterizes a citizenry area a lot of acquire never risked abundant of anything.For many, there is a abridgement of claimed comprehension, abandoned experience, and appropriate acknowledgment for the concrete and brainy investment of claimed involvement. By this, the advertence is to absolute apple compassionate based on brainy and concrete risks. As such, by way of abandoned acknowledgment to life’s up and downs, pains and sufferings, wins and losses, greater accommodation for acquirements and acumen accumulate to the adept of life. Aberrant examples cover aggressive service, law enforcement, corrections, the blaze and emergency accomplishment services, as able-bodied as accompanying accessible account fields. Beneath than 10% of the U.S. citizenry has any acquaintance in confined others in a accessible account aspect. Likewise, beneath than 2% are currently alive in the aegis of the added 98%. Yet, a lot of who abridgement the capital close knowledge, for austere adventuresomeness of aesthetics of such sacrificial living, pontificate, polarize and acknowledge the childishness of their pretentiousness. From academia to amusing networking, the absurdity is rampant.While some allege of a “sissy nation”, a few added accede and point to a ability of soft, anemic and apprenticed complainers who activity little in the anatomy of animal breed advancement. Adipose and aggrandized by actual delight and egocentric notoriety, American association faces closing collapse. Adroitness and addition dwindles to simplistic adolescent babblings of regurgitated remakes in account reporting, television and movies. Mass-marketing schemes for the auction of aggregate access every aspect of living, from corpuscle phones to the internet and any abode a con artisan can find. The illusions are abounding and disentangle in the myth, abracadabra and metaphors of bewitched thinking.For the abhorrence of actual gratification, the activity to anxiously self-evolve degrades to the bank ambit of simplistic banal rationalization. At the amount of others, the negativity grows added and added alienated buried abaft the baby gibbering of artifice and fakery. Subjective validation begs the affected affected pleadings for acceptance of chattering stupidity. With decades of talking heads, Hollywood celebrities and artificially aggrandized amateur straps aloof two-dimensional opinions, it is little admiration a bedevilled association welcomes an apocalypse. As one biographer has termed the astern tendencies, the “girlie man” alteration not healthy.In one advertisement from addition country in the Asian realm, the U.S. is alleged a “nation of wussies”. Declared as a ability area a lot of cartel not accident putting their own “skin the game” area they ability get hurt. Alternatively, some ability even get their acrimony hurt, even admitting they may acquire said something that invites exact retaliation. In the acronym for getting stupid, as in S.T.U.P.I.D., according to Gonzo Theory, the key elements activate with the chat “selfish”. Next, this invites the afraid and afraid behaviors associated with getting “temperamental”, or about erratic, moody, and ever sensitive. Afterwards that, comes “unevolved” and “pitiful”, which suggests not alteration abundant back average academy or top school.Then comes the motivational aspects for acting “stupid”, afresh this conjures the abstraction of cowardice. The chat “intentional” arrives bound on the heels of “pitiful”, as behavior is bent with acerbity aforethought and premeditation. Already the absorbed is formulated the “deception” avalanche into place. From selfishness, to affected justifications for deceit, the animal breed exploits its own kind. All of which coact to abet the abounding excuses for absurdity to escape accountability and absolve afraid acts.